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Project " TIME - Teachers' Inquiry in Mathematics Education", approved within Erasmus+ programme – Strategic Partnerships for school education, started with its activities in December 2019.

The main objective of the project Teachers’ inquiry on mathematics education (TIME) is to explore how a community of math teachers working together in one school can improve their practice through joint exploration, planning and interaction between themselves and with university professors. The project includes 14 partners from 4 countries.

Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb is coordinating this EU project, led by Matija Bašić.

Total project budget is 282.502,00 €.

Project will be completed by August 2022.

282 502 €

Project objectives

The specific objectives of the project Teachers’ Inquiry in Mathematics Education (TIME) are to investigate ways for teachers to collaborate and experiment in their teaching in a structured way supported by colleagues and university teachers and researchers. The expected results are:

  • To establish strong teams of teachers working together and designing inquiry based mathematics teaching (IBMT) in collaboration with university teachers and researchers
  • Investigate the potential of Lesson study as a method for systematic and sustainable experimentation by the teacher teams
  • Develop a professional development course to train teachers for the role of designer of IBMT lessons and lesson materials
  • To build on results of other European projects on IBMT, in particular, projects MERIA and PRIMAS
  • To foster sharing of professional knowledge for mathematics teaching, within and between schools and universities, in the partner countries as well as in wider educational arena

The project is a follow-up project of the project MERIA, that addressed low achievements in mathematics by designing materials for upper-secondary mathematics education that promote mathematics as relevant, interesting and applicable, in the circumambient that uses inquiry based teaching approach to make students encounter situations to (re)invent mathematics.

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