The Danish teams at Midtsjællands Gymnasium, Team Haslev and Team Ringsted, have carried out their first study lesson trials on August 31st – separately, at the same time. After the trials a common meeting was held in Haslev, where experiences from the first trials were discussed and more input on the meaning, format and origins of the lesson study format was presented by the partners from the University of Copenhagen.

The Ringsted team’s first study lesson is on linear regression, while the Haslev team has worked on a lesson on revisiting and explaining arithmetical rules related to signed numbers. Both lessons were taught in high school grade 1 classes. just a few weeks into the school year, where linear functions and models are taught.

Indeed, linear models often arise from data in other subjects through application of linear regression, and one nice way to explore negative numbers is to look at graphs of linear functions with negative derivative and/or in the right half plane.

Explanations, on the other hand, require the distributive axiom which is at the heart of many problems that students have with basic algebra – throughout high school.

All found this very first experience with lesson study exciting and promising – the teams and the university partners look forward to meet around the second version of the study lessons on September 16.

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