Activities and results

Project lifecycle

The TIME project will be realized in two phases called TIMELESS and TIME^2. During this two phases will be developed 6 intellectual outputs, project team members will upgrade thier skills and competences within 4 training activities and project results will be shared with public within 5 multiplier events.

Project lifecycle

Intellectual outputs

Project TIME will result in six intellectual outputs: three proposing a form of Lesson Study adapted to high school matematics education in the European context with reports from teachers from our partnering schools and three providing a course on design of innovative teaching materials together with new teaching materials produced by the project team.

O1. Template for lesson plans and practice report
O2. Training course for Lesson study
O3. Teachers' experiments - research plans, observations and reports
O4. Compendium of design principles for IBMT lessons
O5. Teachers professional development course for designing IBMT lessons
O6. TIME teaching scenarios

Video materials


What are Lesson Studies?


Project TIME - final conference - open lesson


Project TIME - the three scenarios about the square root


Project TIME - Attic room scenario


Project TIME - scenario Apricot jam

Training activities

The TIME project is innovative in its focus on the collaboration of secondary schools and university partners. Our main goal is to establish a sustainable environment in the schools so that teachers may continue to experiment and innovate after the end of the project, in a more independent way. Hence we are very motivated to train the teachers in a very different way than it is usually done in pre-service courses at faculties or at standard professional development workshops for in-service teachers. The project will focus on specific teams of teachers in partner schools and these teachers will be intensively trained through a series of international and local workshops. The purpose of training activities is to introduce all partners with the methodology used and developed during the project. The first two training activities will focus on Lesson study and its adaptation to the European context. The last two training activities will acquaint partners with design principles and to train teachers to become designers, in particular of inquiry based situations.

Training week in Zagreb, February 2020.
Online training week, September 2020.
Online workshops, Spring 2021
Training week in Copenhagen

Multiplier events

IT'S TIME (Improving Teachers' Skills for Teachers' Inquiry on Mathematics Education) is a group of four workshops that will be held in partnering schools, one in each of the four partnering country. Each workshop will gather around 30 teachers from different schools. The teachers will visit the partnering school and participate in a professional development course that will focus on the knowledge and results developed during project TIME. In particular, the workshops will promote Lesson study and show how it was used in the partnering school, and university partners will talk about task design supported by the scenarios developed by teachers that were involved in the whole project. Workshops will be organised in the final phase of the project, in Spring 2022. The TIME final conference will be held in Croatia at the end of the project. This significant event will be attended by a minimum of 60 mathematics teacher from all partner countries as well as researchers in mathematics education and representatives of local policy-making institutions and companies from creative industries. One part of the conference will be organised to encourage teachers from different countries to meet and share experience, while another part will focus on strengthening the connection of education and industry based on interdisciplinary aspects and competence-orientation of project's outputs. All project outputs produced will be presented and the event will be covered by public media.

E1. IT'S TIME in Denmark
E2. IT'S TIME in Croatia
E3. IT'S TIME in Slovenia
E4. IT'S TIME in the Netherlands
E5. TIME Final Conference

Project analytics

Progress within intellectual outputs

IO1: Template for lesson plans and practice report
IO2: Training course for Lesson study
IO3: Teachers' experiments - research plans, observations and reports
IO4: Compendium of design principles for IBMT lessons
IO5: Teachers professional development course for
designing IBMT lessons
IO6: TIME teaching scenarios